There are many different methods to tape and brace Collie puppy ears. I've found that what works with one dog will not work for another so you just have to find what works for you and your dog. That being said, below is how I am currently taping and bracing my puppies' ears. If you have questions, please contact me.

Cotton balls
Unisolve adhesive remover-I use both the wipes and the bottled remover.
Rubbing alcohol-99% if you can find it, otherwise 93%
Zoeze adhesive remover
Japanese tape
1" Gorilla tape

~Clean your hands and make sure you have no oil residue on them. I will even use a bit of the Zoeze and rubbing alcohol on my hands to be sure there is no oil on them and will periodically wipe them down during the process. I give puppies bits of hot dog between steps so the wiping with Zoeze/alcohol removes hot dog gunk.
~Remove old tape and residue with Unisolve.
~Clean ear leather with Zoeze and rubbing alcohol. Let ears *completely* dry.
~Cut a strip of Japanese tape that is at long as the ear is from tip down to the nub in the base of the ear. Apply strip to inside of ear, firmly pressing to ear leather. Do this for both ears.
~Cut a strip of gorilla tape that is long enough to run between the ears. This will be your cross brace. Tear it in half (or less, depending how big/small the puppy's ear is) length wise. Place a small piece of tape on the back, middle of the brace so that hair doesn't get stuck to the tape and irritate the puppy. Pull ears up on top of head and run tape from at least from the center of the ear to the other, making sure both ears are evenly pulled up on the head and taping to the Japanese tape you applied earlier. If not quite long enough, take a small piece of the gorilla taped and secure the brace in the ear. (I use the other half of the strip that I tore to do this and to tape the back of the brace.)
~Cut 2 pieces of Japanese tape about 3" long. Make a plus sign out of them and then fold them over on each other so they form a square. For small/young ears, you can trim off the corners. Place this in the tip of the ear and fold the ear down as low as you can into the base of the ear. Press together for a minute or so. Repeat for both ears.
~You're done! :)